A Flat 6 Love Affair Vol.1
A Flat 6 Love Affair Vol.1
A Flat 6 Love Affair Vol.1
A Flat 6 Love Affair Vol.1
A Flat 6 Love Affair Vol.1

A Flat 6 Love Affair Vol.1

Bart Kuykens
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Volume 1 out of a series of Porsche, automotive, black & white photography books by the uber talanted Bart Kuykens.

This is series will contain 7 books and are lettered rather than numbered to show the name PORSCHE on the books spines once the full series has been assembeled.

This is the 'P' book.

Signed, numbered, packaged and dispatched from Belgium by Bart Kuykens himself.


Sultry, sexy, mean and moody, this is automotive photo porn at its classiest: Bart’s eagle eye for a stylish shot has captured the characters and the cars absolutely, and his black-and-white subjects brim with charisma and innuendo; mysterious and enigmatic locations, classic 911s festooned with inner meaning, their keepers and models effecting surly postures, contriving fantastic atmosphere and ambiance.
It’s the gothic Porsche photo album par excellence. Love the cars, love the kids, love the pics to bits!

by Johnny Tipler.


Book details:

336 pages

Black & White

Limited edition, 911 copies (numbered and signed)

forewords by Johnny Tipler, Magnus Walker and Bob Tilton



Mathias Hoeïng, Reinhard Patzschke, Maurice van den Tillaard, Gijs van Lennep, Albert Westerman, Johan F Dirickx, Johnny Tipler, Achim Anscheidt, Lydia Kers, Bart Kuykens, Guido Steenkamp, Daniël Schaefer, Daniel Thirion, Dr. Erik Brandenburg, Stephan Schauwen, Erik Kouwenhoven, Joost Hermes, Frank Demunter, Peter 's Jongers, Kathleen Naessens, Jeroen Lathouwers, Kristel Seeuws, Mike van Dingenen.